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Egg Colours - Brown Eggs


A nice selection of uniform brown eggs from our pullets (young hens just coming into lay).

This is what brown eggs should look like.

The pure bred hens - who lay less eggs per year - produce a better coloured egg (as shown left) where as the hybrids produce a paler egg.




Sometimes you get the pigment deposited in spots producing speckled eggs.

As the hen lays more eggs through the year the colour dilutes and by the end of the laying season you can get very pale, tinted, almost white eggs.

(The variation in colours is shown left)





Our hens lay a variety of different coloured eggs.

The blue eggs are popular for boiling as they look nice at the table. Our customers also like to hard boil and paint them for easter egg hunts.

The dark brown eggs tend to have excellent internal properties and are good for baking cakes and scrambling.


Mixed boxes ready to sell

dk brown, brown, tinted, white & blue eggs



Washed eggs ready for incubation

Leghorn, Welsummer, RIR and Light Sussex



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